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Catalog#  Video title Price each  Quantity  Total price 
18  Tri-State Steam 1986-1996          ( VHS only ) $27.00     
20  Susquehanna 2000-2003          ( circle DVD or VHS ) $27.00     
 Remember - prices above include Media Mail postage and applicable taxes.
 For Priority Mail, please add $2.50 for first selection, $1.00 each additional.

Multi-video discount: When ordering more then one video, you may deduct $2 from the price of your 2nd selection, and each selection thereafter, when ordered at the same time.

All videos are VHS format only, except #20, which is also available on DVD. I'm afraid I can't offer on-line ordering on my site. If you wish to order, please send me a note with your request (or print this order page), along with payment in the form of check or money order, made payable to:

PO BOX 322
BRANCHVILLE, NJ  07826-0322

There IS one way for me to transact an order on-line, and that would be through the use of PayPal. PayPal is an on-line, electronic payment service, which I have been using for 9 years as an eBay buyer and seller. As a buyer, you would register yourself with PayPal, supplying a valid email address and credit card number. Once registered, you would authorize payment to my PayPal ID for the amount of your purchase. PayPal places the funds into my account and emails an advice to me that the money has been deposited. The process takes just a few minutes and is very secure.

You can click here to learn about PayPal, or, if registered, click the button below to pay me now with PayPal.