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SU100 head end June 25, 2003 -- NYS&W SU100 derails at Mill Rift, PA…

At about 1:50 PM on June 25, 2003, eastbound NYS&W train SU100 derailed a few axles and one complete car at Mill Rift, PA., on the ex-Erie's Southern Tier, just west of Port Jervis, NY. Car references are approximate, but it seems the 18th, 38th, and 41st cars each derailed one axle. The last car, carrying the marker, and a load of lumber, flipped over on the inside of a curve. There were no injuries to anyone. The all-EMD head end with 28 cars is stopped just east of the Mill Rift bridge. The next 10 cars are on the bridge and the remaining 5 cars are just west of the bridge, in Mill Rift, PA.
This is the 18th car with one axle on the ground
The photo at right is of the 18th car. Damage to ties indicates that this axle was dragged like this all the way across the bridge. The other 2 derailed axles are farther back on the train, not having made it to the bridge.

The last car, a load of lumber, was dragged into, and flipped on the inside of the curve.

Last car with marker

Last car on train Last car on train
R.J. Corman is on the scene R.J. Corman crews are on the scene. The track is kinked just west of (behind) the derailed car. The one gentleman I talked to did not yet have an explanation of what could have happened. Did the track kink under the train, or did the derailed car cause the deformation? Also note -- the ties were chewed by the dragging axles both before and after this location. Track damage